The Formation of the American Canary Fanciers Association 


By Marian Rogers



The American Canary Fanciers Association continues to be a place where canary fanciers can go to learn how to care for and breed canaries, but it all began in 1980 with its first meeting and show.

Our club actually began as an offshoot from the Southern California Canary Club. That club is now extinct. The founding father was Tony Bucci, who put lots of hard work and effort into getting this club started.

The first get-together (not a meeting) was at the Apollo neighborhood center in Downey, California. The officers for the first year were appointed at that time. There was no election held at that get-together, therefore we had no president. 

          Chairmen of the Board - Tony Bucci
          Director of the Board - Dominique Tenuti
          Board Member – Frank Bux
          Recording Secretary - Elizabeth Forstinger
          Financial Officer - Ramon Lamelas, Jr.
          Membership - Ed Engel
          Raffle – Hans Forstinger
          Refreshments - Stella and Lisa Bucci
          Newsletter editor - Tony Bucci
For the first show:
          Co-ordinate for Type Birds - Albert Verde
          Co-ordinate for Color Breeds – Amasser Garcia
          Show Raffle – Neil Rombardo

The first "open to the public" meeting was held on May 15, 1980, in Tony Bucci's backyard. There were 55 canary fanciers present. By the end of the meeting, 45 of these people had become paid members. By the next monthly meeting, we had added five more for a total of 50 members. The dues in 1980 were only five dollars. In 1981 we sold leg bands with our logo on them for 10 cents a piece. 

The first meeting was like the rebirth of the canary hobbyin our area. There was not one a bored person present, it was a happy event and there was a lot of laughter.

The first Annual Bird Show was held on December 12, 13, and 14, 1980, at Rio San Gabriel in Downey, California. Our show manager was Ramon Lamelas, Jr.. The show was a great success! In just seven months time we were able to pull everything together and bench 401 entries in our first show.

1981 brought our first election of officers. 

President - Tony Bucci
Vice President – Aline Keller
Treasurer - Ramon Lamelas, Jr.
Recording Secretary - Joe Ann Martin
Corresponding Secretary - Carmen Lamelas
Raffle - Ed Engel
Refreshments - Stella and Lisa Bucci
Newsletter - Tony Bucci

Tony Bucci remained as president and newsletter editor for the first three years. The club was his "baby" and it has come a long way. Sometimes we forget to say thank you to those who have dedicate much time and effort to the fancy for no other reason but the love of it. 

As a club we would like to thank Tony for his determination and effort to get this club off the ground back in 1980. You have been a devoted breeder for many, many, years and have given us the opportunity to share your knowledge on many occasions. Keep up the good work, you’re a credit to the fancy".


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